March 16th w/ Soul Search, Creatures, Skinfather
Posted: March 1, 2013

We’re doing a show on Saturday March 16th w/ Soul Search, Creatures, Skinfather in Vista, California. It’s a spot called “City To City” which I was told is a store which sells hip hop gear/music. It’s a few stores down from Standards, which is a punk/hardcore/metal record store owned/operated by our friend Colin, and this show is being thrown by him. It came together as a one-off show and is happening the weekend prior to our new album “Abandon All Life” being released. We know that shit leaked so it’s not like the street date matters to anyone who’s reading this but we’ll have physical copies of the CD/LP at this show. It wasn’t our intention to have a “record release” show but Colin hit us up to do a show for his record store, and we believe in supporting DIY record stores so we jumped it. Soul Search previously mentioned to us that they wanted to do a show together in March so this was the perfect opportunity to do a show with them as well. We haven’t played with Soul Search since June 2010, it’s a real pleasure to be able to play with them again. Creatures is an important band in the start of Nails. They took us out on our first 3 shows, at a time when no band was interested in playing with us. Skinfather is a newer band whose new “Succession/Possession” 7″ impressed me and I’m happy that they accepted to do the show with us.

There will be only 125 tickets for this show as it is in a small place. Pre-sale is available only in person at Standards Records. If you can’t buy pre-sale, show up on time or early.

We are currently scheduling proper California dates later in the year to celebrate the release of our album, however, this show will not be one to be missed. We’ll be performing all of the songs off Abandon All Life, most live for the first time ever, as well as material off of Unsilent Death and Obscene Humanity.

See you on March 16th…

March 16th 2013

March 16th 2013

Saturday March 16th 2013

City To City (3 doors down from Standards)
208 E. Broadway
Vista, CA

$8 – All Ages
Pre-sale available only at Standards Records
Doors: 7:00pm
Show: 7:30pm

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“Abandon All Life” March 19th
Posted: January 28, 2013

Our new album, “Abandon All Life”, will be released March 19th via Southern Lord Records.


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NAILS live in Tokyo, Japan
Posted: August 26, 2012

Here is a video from our Japanese tour that took place in April 2012. This was filmed at  Antiknock which is a venue where a lot of our favorite Japanese Hardcore bands play. I guess you could say it would be the Japanese equivalent to Gilman Street in Berkeley, California. Big thanks to Daiki/Alliance Trax and Palm for bringing us to Japan. Please check out Palm’s new album entitled “My Darkest Friends” via Alliance Trax.


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Two new NAILS shirts available now.
Posted: August 26, 2012

Two new Nails shirts are available now via

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Converge / Torche / Nails / Kvelertak West Coast Tour
Posted: August 26, 2012

NAILS will be participating in the West Coast leg of the “All We Love We Leave Behind” tour featuring Converge, Torche, and Kvelertak. Dates below:

10/24/12 – Seattle – WA – El Corazon – 109 Eastlake Avenue East – Converge, Torche, Nails, Kvelertak
10/25/12 – Portland – OR – Branx – 320 SE 2nd Avenue – Converge, Torche, Nails, Kvelertak
10/26/12 – San Francisco – CA – Slims – 333 11th Street – Converge, Torche, Nails, Kvelertak
10/27/12 – Pomona – CA – Glasshouse – 248 West 2nd Street – Converge, Torche, Nails, Kvelertak
10/28/12 – Los Angeles – CA – Echoplex – 1154 Glendale Boulevard – Converge, Torche, Nails, Kvelertak
10/30/12 – Mesa – AZ – The Nile – 105 West Main Street – Converge, Torche, Nails, Kvelertak
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